MediaMaster® is the easiest to use full-featured media delivery system for schools, with support for everything from VCRs to modern IPTV and video on demand systems. MediaMaster is based on open technologies, so you are assured a flexible and manageable system that integrates with your school’s network.

The MediaMaster Advantage

  • MediaMaster empowers teachers to make effective use of their school’s media resources via anything that can run a modern web application, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

  • The server system is based on the same open technologies that power the Internet. The MediaMaster server is fully manageable from across the campus or across the world. This minimizes the need for on-site technical expertise, keeping costs down.

  • ETR is constantly exploring the outer edge of technology. You can be sure that as helpful new technologies become available, ETR will be there to help you take advantage of them.

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