MediaMaster System Overview

The MediaMaster system offers a complete solution for scheduling and controlling centralized sources and media titles from your classroom, and for managing and broadcasting the site's digital media resources.

  • Classroom display control (projectors, LCDs, etc.)
  • Visual representations of the video titles and sources.
  • Unified control of back-end video sources and video on demand titles
  • Graphical logos of all common US television networks, allowing quick recognition.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint for digital signage, bulletin boards, educational presentations, etc
  • Convert any PowerPoint presentation to a digital video title you can use anywhere in the MediaMaster system
  • One-step creation of Playlists from your converted presentations
  • Preview converted PowerPoint presentations within the browser
  • Assign dedicated bulletin board channels, and monitor them
  • A network digital video recorder for your school
  • Recorded titles are automatically added to your site's title database for use in VoD, playlists, and more
  • Play video on demand titles to a set of classrooms
  • Displays return to their prior state when a playlist ends
  • React to real-world contact closure events with VoD playback, video zone pages, etc.
  • Schedule events with layered rules: you can show a series of three videos in a loop to a group of 10 hallway displays from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday, except for holidays

Tie real-world events into the MediaMaster System:

  • Run a Playlist for secondary annunciation during fire drills, security lockdowns, etc.
  • Start morning video announcements in conjunction with audio announcements via the school's intercom system
  • Authorized users can control most aspects of the above system through the same web interface:
  • Create backups, or restore them
  • Cancel in-progress video zone pages, playlists, etc.
  • Modify the data tables: titles, users, rooms, sources, etc.
  • Define class periods, to avoid the need for manual time entry
  • Define the school's holiday schedule; these rules may be used within a Playlist
  • See existing scheduled events
  • Quickly sort and search your video title database
  • Schedule digital video titles for your exclusive future use

The classroom computer and display are connected to the media center over the school’s network. This allows you to control the centralized sources and see the result on your classroom monitor as though the source was right there in the classroom.