MediaController, our flagship product, lets anyone select and control media sources from their classroom.

The top part of the screen focuses on the school's digital video title library. It works much like searching for a video on the web, except that because the title library is much more focused and local to the school, every keystroke and mouse click gives an instant change in the search results.

MediaController screenshot

MediaController screenshot

In the bottom left, we have the player window, where you can preview selected video sources. It works with many different media types, seamlessly.

Next to the player window, we have the classroom display control buttons, which allow you to send the video you're viewing in the browser to the classroom display and control that display as through a universal remote control that never gets lost or runs out of batteries:

The in the lower right corner, we have the grid of channel icons for all of the video channels configured for the school. You can use the supplied set of custom channel icons, or upload your own. We support all common satellite and cable television systems, converting them to IPTV for your school's LAN.

MediaController also has legacy support for DVD players, VHS tape players, etc. As new technology comes along, ETR... incorporates it into MediaMaster, but we also support the legacy formats for as long as we see customer demand. ETR... has successfully integrated several uncommon source types into a MediaMaster installation, such as CD-i players, MiniDisc still image players, CCD slide projectors....we’ve seen it all.