MediaMaster Administrator is the configuration and monitoring piece of the MediaMaster system. With it, the system administrator can configure and control virtually every aspect of a MediaMaster installation, from any modern browser, from across the building or across the world.

MMA is also where several key features live:

  • create and restore backups
  • all-call, zone and room paging
  • cancel in-progress user sessions, pages, video streams, etc.
  • classroom display control: anything your users can do from their classroom, you can do remotely

MediaMaster Administrator is the deepest and broadest application in the system. It is chock-full of small but useful features:

  • Monitor disk usage
  • Reboot or shut down the MediaMaster server
  • Choose which application tabs show for each user
  • Upload mascot icons for locally-originated channels
  • Upload locally-created digital video to the title database
  • Temporarily disconnect a room's display from the system
  • Define the school's class period schedule, so users do not need to input raw time values
  • Print a report of projector lamp and filter usage, so you can plan for the necessary replacements
  • Connect MediaMaster to your school's Active Directory server to delegate user management to it
  • Detect clock skew between your client computers and the server to diagnose incorrect Playlist timing and such
  • Manually correct the date and time when network problems prevent the normal NTP correction from occurring
  • Upload library catalog files in MARC format to synchronize your school's library management software with MediaMaster
  • Define the school's holiday schedule, which you can then use in Playlist to prevent an event from happening on weekdays where no one will be around
  • Turn off all classroom displays, either manually or on a schedule. For example, you can set the system up to force all classroom displays off at 4pm and 6pm to catch projectors left on by teachers and janitors, respectively.