MediaScheduler is the title “search and schedule” component of the MediaMaster system. With it, you can find media titles appropriate to an upcoming lesson, schedule them for a future date and receive immediate confirmation that the title will be available. The program is sophisticated, in an elegant and uncomplicated way.


MediaScheduler can filter out a few apropos titles from a title database of thousands of records in an eyeblink. Then, you can quickly find only those that are on suitable media, and then get detailed descriptions of each title. Once you have made your selection, scheduling that title is simply a matter of entering the date and time you want the title for, and clicking the “Schedule It” button.

ETR... can convert your existing title database to our own format, so you don’t have to re-key your title database into our system. And if you want to get title data back out of our system, don’t worry: we use a standard SQL database, so you can use any of hundreds of tools to extract it.