Playlist is the video automation component of the MediaMaster system. Set a group of titles to play back on a schedule, page a zone to turn on a group of classroom displays and change them to an IPTV channel, and more. Playlist can run through a given set of titles once, or it can loop through the set as long as the Playlist is scheduled to be active.

Playlist's layered scheduling logic can accommodate most any required playback pattern. It can restrict a Playlist to:

  • a particular time of day
  • a day of the week
  • all weekdays
  • all weekdays except for holidays
  • a specific calendar date

You can use these rules singly or in combination.

Playlist can also react to external contact closures, such as when a fire drill button is pressed in the central office.¹


Here are just a few of the things you can do with it:

  • Run a public access cable channel showing prerecorded videos.
  • Show school bulletins on the hallway monitors during class period breaks.
  • Send all classroom TVs to the morning news show presented by the journalism class.


  1. MediaMaster is not rated for safety-critical applications. Use it for secondary annunciation only.