MediaRecorder allows direct recording of IPTV content to a MediaMaster DV server. Use recordings immediately upon completion as video-on-demand titles.

There are several recording modes:


Select an IPTV channel or a streaming video source¹ and begin recording the stream immediately to the DV server's storage. Stop the recording at the press of a button, and the recording immediately becomes one of the available titles.

If you are recording from a streaming video source in this mode, you get a source control palette similar to the one MediaController shows so that you can queue up the video to the point you want to start recording.


Similar to the immediate mode, except that you select a recording time up front. This mode is useful for converting legacy physical media into DV for video-on-demand use.²

Once you've started a time-limited recording, you can go about your other business and let MediaRecorder take care of things. You can even log out of the system and let the recording finish in the background.


Tell MediaRecorder when you want it to start recording and for how long, and it will take care of it.

  1. For example, a DVD/VCR combo converted for IPTV via an MM-128x series video encoder.
  2. In this role, MediaRecorder replaces the older MM-1280 and MM-8000 standalone encoding stations.